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We're familiar with the common scenario when starting something new.

Whether it's making New Year's resolutions or committing to working out three days a week, the initial enthusiasm often fades, and our new habits, goals, or dreams end up neglected.

I don't want you to purchase my journal only for it to gather dust!

Join The Conquering Unforgiveness Community, where you'll receive the love, support, and accountability necessary to successfully embark on the 90-day transformative journey. This journey is designed to unlock more freedom, joy, peace, power, and possibility in your life.

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Imagine a world where...

Millions of people are regularly forgiving themselves and others

What would there be more of?

What would there be less of?

Forgiveness stands as a pinnacle of personal transformation, shaping individuals into more whole, compassionate, and purpose-driven leaders, parents, spouses, and friends.

Through forgiveness, we leverage challenging emotions and situations, turning them into gifts that propel us forward. This journey of personal growth and expansion extends beyond ourselves, leading to collective transformation.

The ripple effect of forgiveness is a win/win, positively influencing future generations with generational and exponential impact.

Let's Talk Community!

Forgive, Thrive, Connect

Step into a community unlike any other, where forgiveness is not just a concept but the heartbeat of personal transformation. Here, we are a collective force dedicated to reshaping lives through the profound act of forgiveness. Join a tribe of individuals who recognize the extraordinary power that forgiveness holds in unlocking a future of boundless possibilities. In this dynamic space, stories intertwine, insights flourish, and unwavering support becomes the backbone of your journey.

In our community, you will have access to:

  • A safe space of like-minded people

  • Accountability partners

  • Monthly Live Group Coaching

  • Life-changing Tools & Resources

  • Fresh & Engaging Monthly Topics

  • Support

  • Guest Speakers

  • Regular Check-ins to share your insights from the journal daily prompts

  • Yearly in-person events

Forgiveness Journal

Grab your journal and join the community!

Consider who you can become on the other side of forgiveness. Letting go of grudges and negative emotions expands our leadership capacity by making us more adaptable, resilient, and growth oriented. Forgiveness is one of the highest forms of personal transformation.

With this journal, you will be able to:

  • Reduce anxiety, burnout and impostor syndrome whether you are the CEO of a Fortune 500 company or of your household.

  • Foster more self-compassion, increase your emotional intelligence and cultivate a growth mindset to expand as a leader at work, at home and in your community. Releasing the negative emotions and chatter leads to better decision making, increased focus and creativity, happier and more productive teams, families and friendships.

  • Make forgiveness a part of your lifestyle. By practicing forgiveness on a daily basis, you will build the muscles that will allow you to conquer the stories and emotions that hold you back from living the life of your D.R.E.A.M.’s—both personally and professionally.

You are not alone

My journey began in the heart of challenges, with my son's father as an unexpected teacher. We started dating in college, and after graduating we moved from Ottawa, Canada to New York City with dreams of working in fashion on 5th Ave. and on Wall St. respectively. We achieved those goals and eventually had a son.

It wasn’t long before I realized he was being unfaithful. There were multiple other women and, eventually, a secret child. My own father wasn’t in my life growing up, and I wanted my son to have a different experience.

I met the love of my life in 2018. We experienced our share of challenges, but I leaned again into the healing power of forgiveness, and it’s allowed us to come out on the other side with an even deeper sense of gratitude, faith, and love.

Are you feeling any of this?

  • Emotional turbulence: Holding onto grudges means you continue to carry the burden of unhappiness and negativity, robbing you of life's joy.

  • Fractured Relationships: Grudges corrode the bonds you have with loved ones, friends, and colleagues, pushing them away and leaving you feeling isolated.

  • Self-Doubt: The ongoing hurt and anger from grudges often fuel self-doubt, making you question your worth and abilities.

  • Suffering in Silence: You often endure emotional pain in silence, unable to express your hurt and unable to find the closure you so desperately seek.

  • Trapped in the Past: You feel trapped in past hurts, unable to break free and move forward with confidence and purpose.

Why should you trust me?

I decided to make a drastic change in how I wanted to live.

My son's father and I navigated betrayal, heartache, and a tumultuous past to redefine our connection as co-parents for the sake of our son.

This transformation led to the creation of a youth program and a successful podcast, touching the lives of thousands. That's right...we even became business partners!

On this journey, I reconnected with my estranged father and in 2018, met my husband, the love of my life.

During the pandemic, I felt a calling to share my story and help others who faced adversity. This led to the birth of the "Conquering Unforgiveness Mastermind" and the Conquering Unforgiveness Journal.

Once you make forgiveness a daily practice, the healing, strength, and purpose you've been searching for will come to YOU.

Join me on this journey towards a more fulfilled and joyous life, where forgiveness reigns and transformation thrives.

Your adventure starts now.

The science of forgiveness


The numbers back it up.

Studies through Johns Hopkins Medicine have found that the act of forgiveness can reap huge rewards for your health, lowering the risk of heart attack; improving cholesterol levels and sleep; and reducing pain, blood pressure, and levels of anxiety, depression and stress.

Forgiveness, reflection, and gratitude all increase emotional intelligence and strengthen psychological safety, fostering high-trust companies in which employees have experienced a seventy-four percent reduction in stress and fifty percent increase in productivity.

Research has shown that seventy-one percent of employers value emotional intelligence above technical skills when evaluating potential hires, and that the most effective leaders have a high level of emotional intelligence themselves.


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